Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Big Camping Trip

The first camping trip with all three kiddos is a go for tomorrow.

There is an 80% chance of rain. I have class, so I am going to go out there, have dinner, hang out, and then head home so I can finish up my homework and such.

I'll head back out there on Saturday, after class, when there is only a 40% chance of rain.

Gunner sent me a text today that gave all the percentages for the chance of rain, and then asked me if it was okay if he took the kids because he really, really, really, really wanted to go camping. How can I say no?

The RV has most of the bare essentials packed. The meal plan was made, changed, rearranged, and purchased today.

Sleeping arrangements have been created and he has even had all the kids out there to make sure everyone would fit in a trial run. Apparently if I come then Junior has to sleep in the playpen because there will be no room in the bed. I don't see how there will be room for anyone in the bed, at least if you are wanting a good night sleep! It's all good though, and I will go out on Saturday and spend the night since on Sunday there is only a 30% chance of rain.

Gunner has the map printed out, and the bathrooms highlighted even though the RV has one. He knows where all the playgrounds are and where he wants to go fishing. He bought a minnow bucket today and was on cloud nine. Ummmmm......he went fishing while we were stationed at Fort Lewis, spent like 8 hours out there and returned home with a few trout. By the time he skinned them, I couldn't eat them and we didn't know how to cook them correctly. I've gotten a lot more adventurous since then and as long as it is cooked and not celery or chow mein noodles I can eat it!

Oh, and the only one without a cold is Em.

So we will be out in the rain, already sick, trying to camp, and hopefully having the time of our lives so that Gunner will want to take us out again. He's started a camping book where he is compiling all the information, and where he will add all the things we will change next time. He is so unlike me. I try to be organized, but truth be told I will always overpack and probably still have to make a run to Walmart at least twice.

It will be fun. And worst case scenario, we are stuck in a small RV with three screaming kids, a bathroom that I know is clean, a DVD player and a microwave....and did I mention air conditioning?

I might need to pack a set of earplugs, a camera, and a triathlon book for good measure.


d.a.r. said...

Not sure if I should say "have fun" or "good luck. So, how about have fun and good luck!! Hope Gunner has a blast and that you survive :)

jlc said...

Ohh I miss camping!! Hmm rain can be GREAT blogging material. Hahah!

Lots of luck and fun! :)

Shoshanah said...

I went camping all the time growing up and honestly some of the best memories I have are when the weather was bad. Once my mom and I were reading in the tent and it looked like it was raining outside. Turns out it was actually snowing! In the middle of summer!

Marilyn Sue said...

For the camping book, binoculars to see the birds & critters! Walkie Talkies to report back to base camp. Actually when I went hiking by myself, I liked having this because anything could happen and of course the cell phone was out of range. How fun could it be if your cell phone was in range? :)

If you bring rain by camping, people will PAY you to camp!!!

silver star said...

Have fun!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I went camping once and EKKKK!!! I wish you very much luck! lol Have a great time!