Friday, April 17, 2009

They are really going

It's pouring down rain outside. It was hailing earlier.

The kids are busy loading everything up and running through the rain. Junior is hanging out in the housecar.

I tried to pack their clothes and Gunner told me I was packing too much. Apparently they need to rough it.

I was trying to pack too many blankets.

Abs has her Daddy Doll and her stuffed dog. Em has her American Girl doll. Junior has two fuffies, a pillow and a stuffed something or another.

They are having chili dogs tonight. Apparently the outlaws are going out there to have dinner with the rain. They are cooking chili dogs, over the fire. Apparently the awning from the RV is going to be enough? Tomorrow morning they are having camp donuts (from scratch mind you), fruit, sausage and something else over the fire. I have the feeling by the time breakfast is done, it will be time for lunch. They are making chicken and dumplings over the campfire tomorrow night. Sunday morning they are having bacon and pancakes. They are having sandwiches for lunch both days. Smores are of course on the menu.

Gunner bought a hibachi and is planning on putting rocks all around it, so they can feel like they are camping out and roughing it. Did I mention that I love this guy????

I really wish I could be out there the whole trip, because I am sure it would be a great adventure! I am sending my canon rebel so that he can document the times that I am not out there.

He's so excited. The kids are excited. I'm excited for them! More to come...


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aww, it sounds like he's trying to give them a true traditional camping experience. Too cute!

cj said...

It sounds like so much fun... rain and all!


Gypsy at heart said...

It will definitely be a time to remember!