Sunday, April 12, 2009


Seriously, if we are moving, I hope they cut orders sometime in the near future, so we can have SOME idea of a timeframe and make plans accordingly. I know some people have them, but who knows what the whole story is.

I am super sore today in my left calf. I went for a short 2 1/2 mile run and took it very slow. It felt good to stretch it out, and I was plugging along. I even did it outside, and I think I can become addicted to that! I didn't even realize it had been that far.

It's supposed to rain this weekend and it is the first weekend that Gunner wanted to go camping. I have class on Saturday, but I was going to go out there Friday and then back out Saturday afternoon. Hopefully it will be dry enough to make it a good experience because he's determined to get out there. He's now printing recipes for a campfire, but I am not sure if the burn ban will affect those plans. My sister once mentioned something about cookies on top of pie filling and something else and cooked in a dutch oven. I think I need her to send me the recipe.

The girls were happy with their Easter baskets and Junior was ecstatic with his Diego rescue pack. I can't say that we were overjoyed with the song that it plays over and over and over again. I guess the Easter Bunny should have been paying closer attention to that feature!

I can't believe it is already time to go back to school. This three day weekend flew by. I think I might need a day off this week. I'll have to look and see what is going on. I better use up all my days!

A friend took pictures at the race on Saturday and in each one I look like I am walking. I guess I need to work on my form? Gunner said I keep my arms too tensed up, and I need to lengthen my stride. Hmmmm....imagine what I could do if I ran correctly!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

It sounds like you had a good Easter weekend!!

silver star said...

Just remember who your talking about, the Army. If your husband's commanders are anything like my husband's, you'll find out a few days before. Good luck!

jlc said...

The vacay DID fly. I hope you guys get to go camping soon!!!

Yay for 2.5 mile runs. I have to take it slow when my knees hurt too. The rain doesn't help either!

Anonymous said...

I'm there with you on the order situation! We know we're due for some, just wondering when they're going to drop them on us, lol. I wish they'd come up with a system you could predict it!
Anyway, glad your weekend went off good & you got in a run! I think my kids did the running for me, lol.

dutchgirl said...

I'm glad you had a good Easter! Keeping my fingers crossed on the orders front for you.

William, Bianka, Gavin and Joanna said...

I read that you guys will be moving to Ft. Carson. We lived there until last year. I don|t know if you want to live off or on post. We lived in Fountain and my son went to the Jordahl Elementary school right around the corner from our house. This is a really good school, I liked it a lot and you know I am a teacher myself. My friends who live on post are not really happy with the school on post. If you have some questions you can ask, but I guess you already looked into all the schools there.

liberal army wife said...

Orders... the wait for orders - I often wonder if the people who cut the orders have ever had to wait for theirs? how do you PLAN?? The last set arrived, and we got a call from the unit, need you there in 4 days... Weeellll, yeah... not so much. sigh.