Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Bug

I was over at Just another Day In Paradise, who recently completed a half-marathon while her husband was deployed. Her husband has been bitten by the running bug and they are currently planning their travels/runs. I love it!

The bug has also bitten Gunner, as on the 2nd of May while I am sitting in class, he will be cruising around Fort Hood on a 50 mile bike ride. He just turned his bike in today to get new pedals, and mine goes in tomorrow. Now to to think about shoes, which I am sure I can locate a good deal online.

I skipped the gym yesterday in order to write a paper. It's still not finished, but the outline is there and I should be able to crank it out today after a trip to the gym.

I think I am catching Ab's cold. I don't have time for this!

I think I may have convinced a fellow teacher to do the triathlon with me. She's just as green as I am.

.......I'm home from the gym...control your excitement. They started this new thing where you have to sign in for a spinning class up to an hour before it begins. Sounds crazy, but people get kind of violent. So far I like it because I can attend the spinning classes now. Junior's daycare provider was going in during lunch to reserve her bike and some people were going before work. That's insane! So I hit an hour spinning class, ran two miles immediately after--ouch!

I heard from said friend of mine from school and she is going to do the triathlon with me, so it makes me feel a little better. She's also the one that I am going to do the San Antonio Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon with as well.

Tomorrow is Ab's big TAG field trip. She's super excited about it. I emailed her teacher and told her that Abs had packed a robe and a stuffed camel. Her teacher made some random announcements today about the field trip and included that robes and stuffed camels were probably not necessary. Abs was disappointed, and told her teacher that I wouldn't buy her a jacket!?!?!?!?! Geez. I ran into her teacher tonight at the gym so she filled me in on Ab's disappointment. I guess if that is all she is getting disappointed about, her life has to be easier than most other 8 year olds.

More details on Gunner's camping obsession are coming soon. The boy is about to drive me crazy! I'm so glad he's home though.


d.a.r. said...

Sooo excited for you guys!!!

And, if we are done house hunting and not closing that weekend...we are TOTALLY there for the half! It would be fun to meet up!

Aria said...

Ooo my, you sound like you are juggling so much in your life? How do you do it all??

jlc said...

Writing papers, teaching? , with KIDS?, running????

Ok I just went into overload. You are super woman!

The Mrs. said...

my God you are a busy woman. I dont know how you do it.

My husband has the camping bug, I do not (I'm sorry but I'm pregnant, I pee way to much to be away from conventional plumbing) can I send him and the boys out your way?