Thursday, June 11, 2009

I heart PCSing?

The packers came and packed us.

The driver came this morning. The loaders never showed. Team 2 was called in.

The estimator thought the driver could fit our load on.....after he picked up three other ones.

We don't fit. So now they are trying to decide what to do. It's 4:37 pm. I hope they don't quit at 5.

During all this daycare calls me in class and tell me that they think Junior has impetigo and needs to be picked up immediately.

Oma comes and stays with the house. Gunner gets Junior to the er. I'm in class

Gunner still isn't home, but the doctors don't know what is wrong with him. They are putting him on antibiotics.

So I am here at home. Opa went to get Abs. Gunner and Junior are at the hospital still.

Half our stuff is outside and it's about to storm. All I can do is laugh!
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d.a.r. said...

Does your day care like to fancy themselves as a doctor's office? They sure enjoy diagnosing your kids with all kinds of stuff!!

Stay sane!!

Teresa said...

I cant elieve it is already here. It seems like yesterday hubby was coming home soon from deployment. I hope with all the stress you have time to stay sane ;)

Uncle Dan said...

Hurry up and wait, isn't that the Army way?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Stay sane! You can do it!!!