Friday, June 12, 2009

We made it

With just minutes to spare, we (I mean Gunner) finished cleaning the house and were ready for the inspection. Abs and I returned from her appointment in just enough time to use the bathroom one last time. At least I know my bathroom is clean!

The driver with the full truck showed up this morning to do paperwork and make sure that the rest of our shipment got picked up. Who knows if they will be reunited anytime soon, but I suppose that will make it more fun. My vote is for the flat screen to be delivered first.

We hung out all day at the outlaws where Junior's eyes swelled up and we couldn't locate the benadryl. He was tired and miserable so I left in the middle of dinner with Junior and went to my mom's. I asked Gunner to bring me a dessert, thinking that a nice chocolate brownie or piece of cheesecake would hit the spot after this week of moving.

Gunner showed up several hours later, after switching out cars with his parents. I couldn't wait to get my hands on that dessert. I found two boxes of leftovers and no dessert.

I asked Gunner and he opened the box with the steak and pointed to a brownie size bite of a brownie. I was devastated. You know that feeling where your mouth is watering thinking about what is to come? Sigh.......

I'll just get a good long run in tomorrow morning and know that I can skip a mile because I didn't eat that brownie. I never liked chocolate until I was pregnant with Em, so I can't be missing much, right?

I think I remember my parents having a similar incident early in their marriage. They ordered dessert, my mom took out a screaming kid, and my dad ate both pieces of pie and didn't get hers to go.

I wonder if he ever did it again?


Uncle Dan said...

At least it didn't go to waste. I remember as a kid when our mom would cut a cake or pie, he would always spin the plate around until the largest piece was towards him.

Rachael said...

hmm, that sounds familiar. I can't leave any kind of desert at my boyfriends house. I'll come back really wanting some and the empty container will inevitably be sitting out on his table.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I've had that happen. You can't leave Matt alone in a room with cookies...they'll get eaten.

I'm glad you got all of your stuff moved and inspection is OVER!

JG said...

Sounds about like my hubs. Forget leaving him alone with a dessert - I can't even be holding it within his arm's reach! :) But we're working on that. Gotta pass PT, ya know ;)

Anonymous said...

It was Blueberry pie at Knott's Berry Farm. I would have been the crying child;) KLS