Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This was taken at our hotel room. Don't you love the cowlick? Next time I think we will take the kids so that they can see me compete. At the Danskin, a lot of people picked up their children and ran across the finish line with them. Gunner said that listening to all the husbands, dads, sons, and boyfriends talk about how proud they were of their racer, was inspiring. They had cancer survivors, some undergoing treatment, and everyone had a story about why they were doing this. I signed up on a whim, but it was probably the best decision I have made, and I am hooked! I plan on doing a lot more, and can't wait to sign up for the next one! I'm sad that we are leaving because there are a lot coming up in this area that my friends are now going to do. Some are starting out as part of a relay, and that's a great way to begin!! I'm just proud of all of them for giving it their best shot and training to do something that they didn't think was possible.
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Donna said...

He's so cute...cowlick and all! Adorable!