Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The movers come tomorrow, bright and early at 7:30.

We have NOTHING packed.

We are not ready at all.

I am not panicking yet, as it is only 7:20 p.m. Why worry yet?

I'm madly trying to print articles for my article reviews this semester.

I do not think we will be sleeping tonight.

We borrowed the outlaws pressure washer to do the lawnmower and the grill. The swingset needs to be taken down and thrown away.

I still have bags that need to go to certain people. Ugh.

I hope they don't charge too much for being over our weight limit.

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JG said...

I love late-night packing binges before vacations - but I can imagine an all-nighter before an actual move! However, from your previous posts it appears you've been busy doing other, more worthy things. :) So hey, if you can do all that AND manage to pack and move within 24 hours - you are Wonder Woman :)