Saturday, September 5, 2009

4 day weekends

I really need to finish and make sure I upload my posts when I write them.

(Thursday) I love 4 day weekends. Tomorrow morning I will hopefully be sleeping away while Gunner is getting ready to get the kids off to school. Weird thing is that Abs has a 4 day weekend from school too, and is off Tuesday, but Em has school. They do things so differently up here!

All the controversy about the Obama speech that is going to be broadcast to the schools, and we got an email about it. Since Abs won't be in school it's not an issue. For middle school students they are broadcasting it in several different areas of the school during their study hall, and the students have the choice of attending. If it is going to be watched as part of a class, then teachers have to have signed permission slips from the parents. Then they went on to update that, so the next letter read that if a teacher was going to use it as a lesson, she needed to provide the specific state standards that it was going to meet. Guess with all the controversy they want to make sure they are covered.

Abs was selected to be on the school Senate. I was reading the paper and it said that she might be elgible for the Presidential Volunteer Award or something like that. I was impressed, but she wasn't. She said she didn't want anything from that guy. I explained to her why it was important, and she finally just said "OK", probably to get me to be quiet about it.

Speaking of Abs, this morning I had her go make her breakfast. I walked in a few moments later and she was spreading jelly on one piece of bread and she had another piece of bread covered in honey.

Me: What are you making Abs?
Abs: A sandwich.
Me: You can't have a jelly and honey sandwich.
Abs: Can I have jelly and honey on toast?
Me: Point made, hurry up.

Abs is also joining choir. I wonder what she will do if the uniform they have to wear is not green. We went through all the stores before buying school clothes and she swore up and down she would wear everything. I think she has worn the same 4 or 5 green shirts every single day. They're probably thinking that we can't afford any clothes.

Junior is finally making some progress in potty training. He's been dry the last two days to include pooping in the potty. Please let the end be in sight!

Gunner and I decided that one mile straight up would probably be hard on the kiddos, so we made the trip by ourselves on Friday. It is 2,744 old railroad ties to climb up. It was ridiculously hard. There's a trail on the other side of the mountain and so we did a trail run down. I used to think that trail running was not for me, and of course we were going straight down, but something about jumping over tree roots, watching your step, and all that was fun! I'm sure I would be singing a much different tune if it was uphill!
We opted not to take the steps down, but they had people running down them. I'd be sure to fall as they were steep and uneven!

*For some reason the other picture wouldn't upload.

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