Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thoughts about everything...

The Mrs. is having a giveaway over at her blog for a military alphabet book! Check it out and leave a comment so you can be signed up for it. She's due any day now, and I missed the bet on her having Dash-3 share my birthday, so she'll hopefully shoot for Dash-4 to share my big day?

Abs was all over her homework this afternoon. Go figure. Some days she loves it, other days, it's a lost cause.

Em is under the impression that because she has a new friend that lives about 10 minutes from us, that she can go over there whenever she wants. Maybe if she lived closer and I didn't have to drive. Tonight she wanted to eat dinner, load everyone up, drive her to her friends house so that they could "do homework" and then pick her up later. We don't eat till 6, so I can't imagine that schedule would work well. She seemed shocked that I didn't think that it was a good idea since she would supposedly be working over there.

Ran 4 miles today and walked half a mile to cool down. Tomorrow it's the bike, arms, and abs.

I cranked out a ton of homework tonight. We have a group project that is due next week too that we need to get started on. I got the conversation going about it, so now I just need to see if the other people contribute. I am hoping that they will, but will do it all myself if I have to. It's almost easier that way, actually.

......Wednesday. Gunner went on a run this morning and it was similar to our Koko Crater experience in Hawaii. He took pictures and we are doing it this weekend! I can't wait, I love stuff like this. It's a bunch of old railroad ties up the side of a mountain! I'm not sure the kids will love it, but we'll strap Junior on our backs (in a pullup with extra diapers and wipes packed this time) and go. I won't even think about all the whining that will occur.

I've taken up cooking. I pretty much suck at it, but am determined to get better so my kids don't just remember me as the mother who microwaves everything. So far only Em has even eaten anything that I have cooked. Maybe I should resort back to steamed chicken and veggies every night.

Afternoon tea today is peanut butter and jelly muffins if I can find the muffin pan.

I'm craving herring salad.

Abs did not sleep last night. She was up to go to the bathroom and then I heard her get up at 5:30. She was so sweet this morning, maybe she needs to get up early every morning? Of course if she is not up on her tems, all bets are off.

Em saw some bears the other morning on her way to school. (she was on the bus) The mama bear was growling at her cub who was running around in circles. I can sympathize as she must have an Abs bear.

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