Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Story of Grandpa's Hair

To you it might look like a simple dandelion.

To Junior, it is his Grandpa's hair.

My dad had white, white, white, hair as long as I can remember. We used to joke that he was the only gray haired man at Kindergarten graduation.

My dad also had a love for his Triumph--a convertible of course. My sister used to say when the saw white stuff floating in the air, that our dad was driving with his top down.

Fast forward to Junior.

He never met my dad, but Abs assures me that my dad was rocking his little soul in heaven before he was born.

The girls told him the story about Grandpa's hair flying in the air, and Junior who is in love with anything Grandpa, latched on to it.

Every time we see a fluff of dandelion floating in the air, Junior runs to it, grabs it, and calls it "My Grandpa". It breaks my heart because he never met him, but makes me smile because I know my dad would get a kick out of it.

Junior will carry around his "Grandpa", taking special care that it doesn't fly away. Sometimes he hauls it inside and wants to keep it in his room so he and his "Grandpa" can read stories together at bedtime.

Maybe Junior knows something we don't, but in the meantime he is constantly on the look for his "Grandpa".


Uncle Dan said...

When your Dad was young, his hair was what they called "tow-head," a white blond color. It never got dark like mine, (which now is mostly gray). Great story about Jr's thinking of his Grandpa. Our Mom's side of the family always had hair that was so curly that you couldn't tell which end was attached to ones head.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I think that's really cute that he does that.

dutchgirl said...

That is so sweet!

Spanish Princess said...

Such a sweet story!