Friday, April 16, 2010

I apologize in advance

I am going to have to start sleeping with all phones at night.

I store all my important numbers in there.  Gunner, my mom, my friend Dave, Em has some numbers saved, and a few other random people.

Be thankful now that your number is not in there.


Abs apparently has started calling people at 6 am.  Yesterday it was just Grandma.  Today it was Grandma, Daddy, two of Em's friends, and who knows who else.  Those are just the ones that reported in.

Em said at the rate she comes up with new ways to amuse herself, we will have to lock everything in the basement and live like we are in prison.

.....I slept with 4 phones on my pillow last night and spared everyone their morning phone call.

Now if I can remember to do that every day.

I went to ride my bike this morning, and I pulled it off the trainer.  I tried to pump up the tires, and for some reason couldn't get the pump to work and I was left with two flat tires.  I finally got it straightened out and got the tires pumped up.  I took my bike outside and went to ride it, and it wouldn't change gears.

Ugh.  I flipped it over, made my attempt to work on it and look like I know what I was doing.  I ended up dragging it to the bike store where I found out I had a broken derailleur.  It doesn't cost much to fix--$30--but they have to order the part, which could take weeks.

Did I mention I have a triathlon in less than two weeks?  They are going to do their best, otherwise I will be traveling up the HUGE hill on my heavy mountain bike.  It can be done, but it will be harder, plus there's the whole training issue.....I'm hitting spin tomorrow at 7.

Gunner called (at a convenient time) and said that there was a virus running around the camp.  Everyone is throwing up and getting the runs.  He is running around with a bottle of sanitizer trying to stay healthy.  I hope he can do it, because nothing has to be worse than being out in the field and being sick.  Of course everyone has to still work, regardless.  I told him he better start the sick diet.

Busy weekend planned.....let's hope Abs doesn't wake you up early...


Allison @ I heart Change said...

Hey. At least she's not waking YOU up.

Gypsy at heart said...

Abs wake up call is a cheery part of the day!

Wife of a Sailor said...

LOL, she sure keeps you on your toes!

Lydia said...

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