Sunday, April 11, 2010


I was hoping to make it to the pool today with the kiddos, but it looks like that will happen tomorrow.  Trying to fit in my run/bike/swim on the weekends is proving to be difficult with Gunner gone.  I did it while I was teaching, but who the heck knows how!

I'm on day 4 of p90x today, so I think it's yoga tonight and then I hope it's not too late and I can get on the trainer.  I currently have the kids eating english muffin pizza for dinners.  It has to be healthier than regular pizza, which we had last night!

Abs had two gift cards from visual therapy (one for Target and one for Walmart) so we ventured out today to look around.  She had those things spent in no time.  I did find a few things on clearance at Target, and at Walmart.  They had Danskin warm system technology long sleeve shirts for $1.  I'm thinking skiing next year or running or biking....I picked up a few, but would have bought more if they were in my size.  I scored shorts for Abs that were $3, and very bright and colorful to match her personality.  Em found a few tshirts for $1.

Abs painted her nails tonight.

All on her own.

It all washed off in the tub.

So she redid it.

She's happy with it, so that makes me happy with it.

....Guess I forgot that I was trying to blog.  Abs was up half the night, so today is going to be a long and tiring day.


Brandi said...

Those nails are too cute! Teenybop bites hers but she is in love with stick on ones, especially since we found the Little Fing'rs Girlie Nails kind that are for ... well, for little fing'rs, LOL!

Gypsy at heart said...

Painting the nails must have killed at least 10 minutes. Hope you used that time to rest.