Sunday, May 16, 2010

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Since we were just running through the museum briefly because we had packet pickup and I had a conference in the afternoon, I let Junior lead the way. Well that, and I forgot the stroller. (It was a mile each way to get the packets, and he was done by the time we had to head back.)

The museum is free to military families!  You do have to pay for the IMAX and the special exhibits, but I didn't have time for that this visit.  Here's Junior checking out a movie on dinosaurs.
There are huge exhibits of dinosaurs, which will be right up Abs alley.

We visited with the mummy.  The boy has watched too much Scooby Doo.
They have a discovery section for the kids, so Junior wanted to spend more of the time there.  
Puzzles to do.
They could become paleontologists.  
Take apart a human body.
There is definitely a lot to do, plus it is right next to City Park, so when I take all the kiddos we will pack a picnic lunch.  There are also water jets in the back of the museum that the kids can play in during the "heat" of the summer.  

We did have to swing by the gift shop on the way out and Junior picked out a space helmet.  He said he is using it to go visit his Grandpa.  Sigh.

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