Thursday, May 20, 2010

Em "knows" fashion

Abs had a 3rd grade show yesterday.  Em decided to help her get dressed.  Apparently I don't know anything and you have to be "beeeeyooootiful" in order to go to one of these shows.  It was a cute show, but I did make her remove the lipstick gloss.  I thought maybe she needed a crystal ball

After it was over, I came home with Abs while Gunner and the other two kiddos went to get dinner.  Abs proceeded to tell me that the way she was dressed made her move from the "outer circle" of Jordie's friends, to the "inner circle of the outer circle" of friends.

I had to take a deep breath.  We had a long conversation about how people should like you for what is inside of you, and not what you wear or anything else.  Where did I go wrong?

Abs has a really hard time making friends, because they don't exactly think like she does, so she really wanted the other kids to like her.  But just the thought of inner circles of outer circles, makes my skin crawl.

My grubby son, who was a Soldier that night.  He got kicked out of the Y daycare for stomping on other children's feet because they "won't be my bestest friend".  Apparently my children need a lesson in friendship.

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Anonymous said...

You'll always be in my inner circle of friends, no matter what you wear or how many piles you had to dig through to get it.

With all those circles, Abs should have picked Saturn instead of Neptune...

The Mrs. said...

send them here! if only abs went to dash1's school ....

im tired of feeing like my kid is the only "different" one.