Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Army Wives

I finally caught up on the show.

There were a few things that stuck out in my mind.

When Claudia Joy said "We never get used to it, we just get through it".  I think that sentence sums up my life right now.  Yes this may be the 5th year that he will be gone from us, and I can't say that it is any easier except for I am not having a baby this time or starting a new career.  I would like to think that I do more than "just get through it" though.  I'd like to think that I improve my life somehow while he is away.

The whole part where Trevor told the oldest boy that he was the "man of the house" rubbed me the wrong way. As a teacher, there were so many of my boys that were told that, and it stressed them out, especially if their moms were having a hard time with the deployment.  I liked Roxy's response of "do not ask a boy to do a man's job".  I wish more people took that to heart.  I can see asking them to help out a little bit more, but I think just the title of "man of the house" is what irks me.

When Trevor stated that "Army kids grow up faster than most", I cringed.

Do you think that is true?

I'd say my kids know a lot more about world events than most kids.  I think they are resilient, make friends a little bit easier, adapt to change faster, but grow up faster?

Sure they worry about their dad being in a dangerous position and most other kids don't, but I just don't see that they are wise beyond their years or are more grown up than their peers in the civilian world.

What do you think?


hmb said...

I don't have children yet...but the thing I love love love about most mil kids that I meet, is that they experience diversity and different culture and they welcome it with open arms <3

Jessica @ {Mis}Adventures of an Army Wife said...

When C was deployed, my thought was that I wasn't going to just survive deployment, I was going to *thrive* during deployment. There may have been a few bumps in the road and a few moments of wallowing with two great friends (Ben and Jerry), but I like to think that I did thrive and our marriage is better for it!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I don't have kiddies but what I have noticed is that most mil kids are able to change with their environment and be great wherever they are at.

Erin said...

I loved that line from Claudia Joy! I do think that military life makes kids more adaptable and resilient.

Amber*Renee said...

My son is only 4 though I am not sure about having to grow up faster but I am sure it has shaped his personality. He is more open to strangers and making new friends than I ever was. I already see that it is easier for him to go along with changes. We never said man of the house to him but we explained that it would be better if he helped out. Like trying real hard to be a good boy and listen when I tell him to do something and pick up his toys and things.

R said...

I have to say, as a military kid, we def grow up faster, and different. In general (I say that because it's not true for everyone) we have better manners, a broader view of the world and of people, tend to be more open minded, have to learn to deal with situations much quicker than the typical kid. We have problems that other kids don't face too of course, but I wouldn't have traded my life for anything!