Monday, July 12, 2010

T-Rex Cafe

I had heard from two friends, that the T-Rex cafe was a must-see at Downtown Disney, so I made reservations.  Which I canceled later because I was too busy at the parks!

Finally we made it down there...

There was an ice cave in the middle of the restaurant that changed colors, and the dinosaurs came to "life" periodically throughout the meal.  All three of the kiddos were excited once we got inside (and Abs too).  
That's the ice cave in the back.

Abs was just excited to name each of the dinosaurs.

A giant T-Rex when you come in the door.  Gunner tried to feed Junior to him, but unfortunately those pictures didn't turn out.

The food was overpriced of course, but the place was packed and they were making a killing.  I think I want to own a franchise in some hot family spot like that.  

The food was actually pretty good, and I can't complain about the margaritas either.  When it was all said and done, we actually spent what we usually do at Rainforest Cafe, so it wasn't too bad.  I was just feeling cheap by that point!  

They have a play area outside where the kids can dig through the sand and "excavate".  Unfortunately we didn't see that till we were in line waiting to be seated.  I'd definitely go back again because I have kids that love dinosaurs, but if you don't, skip it for Planet Hollywood (which we did too!).
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Walrilla said...

We really enjoyed the T-Rex when we went to Disney last in 2009. Overpriced? Sure, but what there isn't? A good time, though. The ice cave changed colors due to the meteor shower(according to the waitress).

Amber*Renee said...

We are talking about going to Disney after homecoming. Thanks for posting about this restaurant. I have a son who cried for a whole day because he lost one of his dinosaurs. If we do make a trip we will be heading here!