Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who wants more stress????

Apparently that would be me.

Gunner stopped by housing and they have a house available on post for us.  We are going to take it.

So in less than two weeks, we have to pack everything up, move, and send Gunner off to war.

I have no idea how this is going to happen, or what it means.  I am taking my vegetable garden with me, somehow.

I have a lot of purging to do.  I have to get quotes from a moving company since I can't move my piano or the shrunk by ourselves.

We have no boxes.

I hope this works out and isn't a HUGE mistake.  It won't snow as much there, which kind of makes me sad.

But I like an adventure, so I guess we are giving it a shot.

I only called him and asked him to check with housing because I was irritated about something here.  Maybe next time I should keep my mouth shut?


Mallory said...

I think it will be a good thing. I love living on post. I totally understand crazy fast moves because we did our last one with only 5 days.

Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!! Your family sounds great! Prayers to you and yours on his deployment!

Bethany said...

Dude, that's a lot to take on in 2 weeks, but I'm glad you got housing on-post! Thinking about y'all and sending prayers your way :)

Charity said...

Good luck, I know you can do it!!

Marilyn Sue said...

Look for someone moving this weekend and ask if you can pick up their boxes!