Monday, January 10, 2011


I was sitting here tonight, watching it pour down snow (I really wish there was a phrase for that like when it is "raining cats and dogs", shouldn't it be "snowing like ????"), and I realized how lucky fortunate that I am.

I've got a great guy.

Really, I am.

If Gunner was here, he would have helped me clean the house all day.  (For the record, he said he would clean the house for a year over being in Afghanistan for one more day.  Let that be noted, because I will be calling on that later.)

He would walk the dog in the snow.

He would have read stories to the kids.

Tucked them into bed.

"Whooshed" them.  (Basically, that means he takes their covers, throws them up in the air and everyone in the room cries "woosh".  I apparently don't do it the same, so I am relieved from that duty.)

He would have helped get dinner on the table.

He would have given Junior a bath. (For the record, GUNNER'S son colored his entire body with markers today during 'quiet time' because he was trying to be a secret agent and not be recognized.)

Tonight at dinner Abs and I had this conversation:

Abs:  What if we get snowed in?
Me:  We won't, we'll be fine.
Abs:  At least if we run out of food, we have you to eat.

Yes, my children decided last summer while we were camping, that in case of emergency I would be the first one eaten because all I do is take pictures.

Please check on me tomorrow in case my children decided to "feast".


Anonymous said...

Humor helps me make it through the separations and I see you have it this morning. Here's wishing you and Gunner a speedy year until he returns to shovel that snow and clean the house. You are always an inspiration to me ABW. 8-)

Renee said...

You know, I have a husband like your Gunner. I'm always so grateful for a husband that is my partner in all things. When somethings needs to be cooked or cleaned (or done), I'm never alone in the task. Man, I miss him!

You being the sacrifice to save the family in a food crisis cracked me up! It's sad to say that I believe my family would do the same with me!

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the mail always arrive "rain, shine , sleet, or snow"? Let me know if you need an emergency food supply to stave off cannalbilism. Of course we have gotten our newspaper on days the mail person doesn't venture out....go figure....

McMGrad89 said...

Enjoy the snow. It snowed in Dallas last night but not here. :-(

Markers, huh? I think we shall keep "little man" and James apart.

Abbey said...

You are right. You are lucky to have Gunner. He's a great guy, wonderful father and loving husband.


He is JUST AS LUCKY to have you as his wife and mom to his children. Don't forget that, as the children get the BBQ sauce and forks. =)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You're a lucky lady!