Sunday, January 9, 2011

Facebook Updates

Another installment in my life on facebook....I know the suspense is killing you, lol.

ABW is thankful for the patient old man at Home Depot that helped Abbie come up with ideas to make a car out of non-car parts. When it was all said and done, the two had discussed all the finer points of car building, and he whispered to me "you must be tired every night by the time she goes to bed, but she's worth a million bucks". That she is.

ABW I registered today for the Colfax half marathon. BTW, Gunner , I signed you up too! Think of it as me investing in your health.

ABW is really over deployments.

ABW just caught Abbie "flossing" her toes with a dog treat. Ewwww. If anyone can figure out what goes through her mind I would appreciate it. Her excuse was that she did not have a big ball of twine

ABW has the collards and black eyed peas on. Yum. Let the good luck start!

ABW hopes that they are serving black-eyed peas and collard greens in Afghanistan, as she would hate for Gunner to miss out on traditions

Abs: I get tired of being told what to do.
Me: Become President and you can tell people what to do.
Abs: Or I could be a mommy, they do the same thing.

ABW Just saw the funniest thing. Andrew was fussing so I finally went to check on him. He was sitting in a giant silver mixing bowl (hey, it was his hat yesterday) and was asleep. He would fuss every time he would fall over. I asked him what he was doing and he said "waiting for Santa".


AbbeyG said...

I love reading Fbook statuses! haha.. I think I might start making a post out of mine! :)

The president/mommy thing cracked me up! :P

Jessa said...

I just did this on my blog too. The funny ones though.

Jessica said...

hahahaha love it!