Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What should I do in 2011?

There's a million posts out there on goals and making 2011.

I want to do a half ironman.  This will be in preparation for my Ironman in 2012.

A couple of Olympic distance tris.  A couple of sprints. With Gunner home, I should be able to do more.

I want to run a marathon, a couple of half marathons.  I'm not super speedy, but I like the feeling of completing things.  It drives me nuts when people won't even attempt something because the task seems overwhelming to them or they won't win.  Get over it and get out there and try something.

I'm taking a snowshoeing class with a friend, and so I want to go snowshoeing a few times.  That should be interesting.

I need to get Abbie and Andrew to ride bikes.

I am still working on the garage challenge.  That should have been an entire deployment challenge.

I'll think of a few more things to throw in there for good measure, but most importantly, I am looking forward to this deployment being over!

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AbbeyG said...

I really admire your perspective on conquering a tough challenge.. I'm sure you'll do great things in 2011!