Saturday, May 19, 2007

Animal Park

There is a wild animal park that you can drive through near our house at Hood, so I sent DH off with all three kids in the old car (in case it got scratched, which it did) and a picnic lunch. TOPSEY is about 20 minutes away from us and I had heard good things about it so DH was excited about surprising the kids with another Saturday adventure.

When they arrived, there was a huge camel that was blocking the road and they had to wait for one of the employees to come move it so that they could drive in the park. It cost $21 for the 3 of them to get in and Junior was free. They bought a bag of food for each of the girls at $1/2 and were on their way. The animals came up and into the car! DQ loved it and Abs was scared. An ostrich bit DH, but not too hard. They got some great pictures! They ran out of food about halfway through the park, so make sure and buy two bags per child. They had a petting zoo at the end and also a picnic area so make sure to pack a lunch to take a long.
The girls can't wait to go back and even Junior laughed hysterically when an animal would poke his nose in the window. My nephew is coming to stay with us for a week in August and I think we will return!

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