Thursday, May 17, 2007

Drat, foiled again!

DH had CQ last night which requires him to sit in a chair for 24 hours babysitting single soldiers to make sure that they don't do anything stupid and monitoring barracks hoes (or is that ho's). There has also been a rash of car break-ins on post in the barracks parking lots for the last several months. I called him before I went to bed and he was bored of course since they can't really do anything but sit there. This morning I called to see if he got any sleep and see how grumpy he would be today and he told me "I foiled a robbery!". Apparently he heard some noises after 1 AM and went outside to investigate. There was a guy going back to his room from his buddy's room and DH stopped him to chat for a little while. Then he saw two guys crouching down by a car and started walking towards them. They took off running and DH chased after them. DH couldn't catch up with them so he called the MP's and they came and took his statement and went looking for the guys. They found one guy so they had to come pick DH up and take him in to make an ID. They also had the jack from the scene that they were going to fingerprint as well. So DH identified the guy (well he was the same height, same build, but different shirt and they found the shirt DH described in his car as well as some pot, the idiot.) and then they took DH back to work. So of course all of this goes back to DH's 1st SGT and he had to report it to Staff Duty that keeps a log and submits it to the Sgt Major each morning. So now the little world of Fort Hood is safer (well sort of) because of DH. (He told me that he was sure the president would give him a medal, and I told him he just needed 34 points to make the next rank instead!) Hopefully at least some good will come out of it for him. (He did say that they were pretty stupid since if he was them he would have waited for him to round the corner and then beat him up since he was outnumbered and they were a lot bigger Thank goodness they didn't!)

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