Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What's with that hairstyle?

I told Abs this morning to pull her hair back in case she threw up again. By the time we left for the doctor, she had 1 piggy and about three buns. She also had a barrette holding a piece of material in her hair, near the front of her head. A lady in the waiting room asked me if I fixed her hair and I said no, she did. She then asked me if I let her go out in public like that. I told her that if this hairstyle was the worst thing I had to deal with then I was a lucky person! So we get called back and everyone is checking out Ab's new "doo" which she has by this point named the "cinnamon roll". The nurse asked her why she made the "cinnamon roll" like that, and Abs looked at her with disbelief and told her "So I don't get barf in my hair silly". They were laughing so hard they were crying. Never a dull moment.....

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