Sunday, August 5, 2007

And babies make 8

My inlaws had one huge dog named Max. I don't really care for Max, but they are devoted dog owners. Then they acquired Tiger that was left in a field. After that they took on our cat Maisy since she would stalk Junior and he has a lot of skin allergies and we needed to get her out of the house so that he would be more comfortable. Their little family was plugging away when they picked up a stray neighborhood dog which they named Schatzi. They had her checked out and were getting ready to have her spayed when they found out she was pregnant (not by their dog). So yesterday afternoon in the span of 2 1/2 hours 6 little puppies were added to the family.

We went to see them today and they are cute. They think that there are 4 boys and two girls. My MIL wants to keep two of them and my FIL wants to find them ALL good homes. I tried to talk to her about adding an additional two dogs to the mix and how that would make it hard to go anywhere and how they couldn't afford to board 4 dogs. She told DH that they would just take the RV (a large van type) and the dogs could sleep on the bed and they (Mil & FIL) would sleep on the floor! I'm sure it would happen too.

They are very responsible pet owners and if I ever come back as an animal I want it to be their dog or cat. The dogs get a leg of lamb each week cooked for them. Tonight while we were eating she got up from dinner and was cooking up some chicken for their dinner. Our cat Maisy is leading the high life over there with special meals, toys, etc. No wonder she never comes out to see us anymore, she doesn't want to leave!

My MIL is sleeping by the dog each night because she wants to make sure that Schatzi takes good care of her puppies and that the runt doesn't get pushed out of the way. She is also supplementing with goat milk the runt's diet.

The best MIL made several different beds for Schatzi to choose from when she was ready to give birth. Instead Schatzi decided that their one year old couch would be a better idea and MIL agreed, so she was allowed to give birth to her puppies on their couch! When I have people guess where they were born they usually choose the bed and I am sure she would have been allowed to if she wanted!

Needless to say I sat on an outdoor chair when we went over there today. While FIL and DH are at NTC I'll help her pick out a new couch so I can recline in their living room again.


Gypsy at heart said...

They are sooooo cute, but we have to remember those cute little things grow up! I wish everyone were as responsible with their pets.

rose_michelle said...

That is too funny! I thought our dog was spoiled!

Leslie said...

holy crap. MIL should be a dog midwife. bet shed make a ton of money in CA or anywhere else crazy rich people live!