Friday, August 10, 2007

Off to NTC

The last time DH went to NTC (2005), we dropped him off and the girls sobbed and sobbed. They begged him not to go and so we usually do not do goodbyes like that anymore because it is so hard on everyone. When he deploys to Iraq again this fall it will hopefully fall on a school day and we will get them off to school and then I will take him and stay with him till it is time to leave. On R&R's we do the same thing. Thank goodness my mom lives close by!

We dropped Chris off at 9:45 this morning and Em and Andrew were with me but they did fine. I was sad to see him go, but at least I know he will be home next month. I can do 30+ days--I think! We have so many things going on till then that I am hoping that the time will fly by. Maybe I can lose 10 lbs before he comes home too??

So DH is sitting in a gym hanging out till they fly. I never understand why they have to be there so early, but considering some of the yahoo's that he works with it is probably to keep them out of trouble!


Uncle Dan said...

Hurry up and wait has been an old Army saying for many-many years!

rose_michelle said...

I'm with ya sister. I said my goodbyes Friday as well. I think, though that the hardest part is that they are at JRTC, a mere 3 milies from the house. He's so close yet we can't see each other. Well I got tons of homeowrk to keep me busy until her return ... and hopefully I can loose 10 pounds by the time her returns too. Why is it so much easier to gain it???

Marine Wife said...

We say our good-byes at home and either I arrange for a friend to help me pick up his car or a friend will take him to the departure point. It's a little easier that way, plus he doesn't risk getting too emotional in front of his Marines. God forbid that happen.;-)