Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Girl with the Watering Can

My mom purchased a book a while back titled The Girl With the Watering Can. She read it a few times and Abs really liked it. The book is about the little girl in Renoir's painting who travels through other works of art and wreaks havoc on them--taking the bow out of the girl's hair, losing the hoop in another, and then finally going back and setting everything straight. (Maybe she likes it so much since she seems to wreak havoc everywhere she goes?)

When we went to Washington DC, we asked each child what they wanted to see while we were there and Abs wanted to go to the National Gallery of Art to see the works of art in the book. She was so excited when we made the plans to go one day and she kept talking about the pictures and everything that happened throughout the book. When we got into the museum we made her ask the woman at the information desk for the location of the painting and off we went. She was so excited when she first set eyes on it! She ran to look for the girl's friends, but we only found three since they have so many works of art that they have to rotate them through. Thank goodness The Girl with the Watering Can was there!
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