Thursday, January 17, 2008

I don't understand

I cannot for the life of me figure out how the army works. My daughter takes a certain medication so in order to do hourly care after school in case of an emergency and have her covered for daycare this summer while I am back in school, I had to get extra medical forms filled out. I got the forms filled out, took them into CYS and they told me I had to go to Darnell to the first floor and have EFMP sign off on it. I told them she wasn't enrolled and they said that was okay, but it had to be done. Gunner took them in there and they said he had to have Abs enrolled in EFMP in order to go to CYS. They said that in 30 days a community health nurse will call and there needs to be a paneled discussion done and I will enroll her and get her the helps she needs. SHE DOESN'T NEED ANY HELP!!!! They told me that I would be entitled to 40 hours of respite care. Well if they aren't taking all three, then I don't need it! I called and talked to the EFMP and she told me it had to be done. I argued with her and told her why I wouldn't do it and how I didn't need any help. She said she would call back before 1:30 after she did some research. It's after 2 and I still haven't heard from her.

I'm just pissed. I jumped through the hoops that they wanted me to and it still wasn't good enough. They must get a certain amount of money from the government for every family member they enroll in EFMP.


Erin said...

I came to one conclusion about a year into my marriage to Scout (it has helped me tremendously): Whatever doesn't make sense, the Army does. (Of course, this conclusion also works for Tricare or any other organization tied to the military).


Uncle Dan said...

You know, when it came my time to leave the Army, they didn't even know it. I had to inform the CO, who called Personnel and inquired of them. The day before I was to be released, the CO was called and told to give me a vehicle and drives as I had to get lots of places to sign me off. As a result of this short time, I didn't even get a Good Conduct Medal, but I did get out and don't regret a day of service. This country boy got to go places and do stuff that books are writen about.

Anonymous said...

Did I tell you that my brother is in the EFMP because of his orthodontic issues?

rose_michelle said...

Double check, but I did an article for the newspaper here and the Army regs state that the care can go for all of the children. In fact, it doesn't have to be at CYS, you can do at one of the in-home care sites or even have a family member watch them and they reimburse the caregiver. I can check again to see if it changed in the last six months. EMail me if you want me to check into it for you!