Monday, January 14, 2008

The man from Mars

Em had an eye doctor appointment this morning at 8:45. The girls didn't have school, but I had to wake them up early, feed them and then hit the road. We made a pit stop at the school to get her glasses that she left there over the weekend and then we were on our way. We drove the 40 minutes to the doctor's office, unpacked all three kids to find out that they didn't change the appointments but instead had cancelled them. I was mad. We left. Then I called Tricare who said I had to just choose someone from the phone book, so we went back and took the appointment at 10:30 this morning and we set off to find a way to amuse three children for two hours.

Target. We scoured the aisles for good deals and managed to find a few along the way. After we had looked at (and the girls had touched) everything in the store at least once we went back to the eye doctor.

Junior was all over the place after sitting nicely in the car and a guy who was wandering around while waiting on his wife told me he was from Mars and had experiences with martians. I didn't even know what to say. He had his pants tucked into socks so they looked like knickers. A tall distinguished looking gentleman asked him why he wore knickers and he said they were regular pants but he wore them like that because when he went to the bathroom in public places he didn't want to get his pants dirty. The second reason was because one time a spider climbed up his pants and got on his parts.

So the older gentleman and the Mars guy talked for a little while. The Mars guy was off the wall. He was from India, looked and spoke with a Slavic accent and kept talking to us about totally random things. He asked me what my husband did and I told him he was in the army. Mars guy asked what he did and I told him Gunner was a tanker. He commented on how it was an important job and the older guy pointed out how my job was important and equally as hard. The Mars guy started to say something negative and before he could get it out the older gentleman made a point of saying "You better watch what you say to her cause I won't let anyone speak to a military spouse like that". Mars guy kept quiet.

We finished up there and had enough time to run home, eat lunch that Gunner had prepared, talk to my MIL briefly as she took over watching Junior and we hit the road again. We tried a new dentist and I really liked him. I made an appointment for me to go on Monday to see him and Abs has to go back for a cavity. Poor kid. I don't know how they managed to get Ab's teeth clean as she talked the ENTIRE time she was back there. By the time she left she was hugging the dentist and telling him she would see him on Monday. Let's hope she keeps that attitude!

We finished up there and ran home to drop Em off with MIL and Abs and I headed out to her PT appointment. Met a girl there who spent two years in Korea with her husband and kids. I'd love to do that! I'd pretty much go anywhere.

Abs got done with PT and was worn out from all the activity. We made it home to find MIL had taught Em to knit and she is now addicted. I told MIL it's time to teach me how to do something else besides knit a scarf cause my family is running out of necks.

I was waiting for Gunner to bring home some ground turkey so we could have turkey burgers tonight but they are stuck at work. A 5 ton got stranded outside of the motorpool so they have to tow it back in. We have nothing to eat but gizzards and french fries. Not exactly a WW meal so I might have to resort to grilled cheese if he doesn't hurry home.

I'm tired but still hoping I can make it to the gym and workout.


Anonymous said...

I have a naked neck gets cold in the snow.

dutchgirl said...

gizzards and a man from mars... Sounds like quite the Monday!

Gypsy at heart said...

Running out of necks?....LOL....I hear layering scarves is really the "in" thing.

I should introduce your "man from Mars" to my "man who was irradiated by aliens."

Uncle Dan said...

If nothing else, your days are eventful.

Anonymous said...

Let's see... I went to the grocery today w/ 2 kids in tow. L touched everything he could because he was "helping." Only one minor uproar when I wouldn't go down the Jello aisle. That experience doesn't even compare to your day.

Uncle Dan said...

We have a friend who is part Mexican and part Irish, (with a sort of dark complexion). Her eldest daughter, (with a light complexion), some times while in the store and was upset with what her Mom was buying, would run away from her and scream that that, "This lady is trying to kidnap me."

Anonymous said...

Mars????? NICE!

Erin said...

For the love of God. Mars? Are you serious?

Sounds like some of the idiots I run into on occasion. :)