Friday, January 18, 2008

Keeping Your Shoes Tied

I usually buy Abs a pair of shoes that can slip on. She can tie her shoes, but she hates to do it over and over again. Yesterday I tied them for her in a way that they shouldn't have come undone. When I picked her up I asked her how it worked out and she told me "not so good, but I came up with a new way and they never came untied!". It took me a while this morning to undo all her knots and loops and then when I came home from dropping her off I found her new shoes in the corner and she had worn her old slip ons.

Guess I'll try some of these tomorrow.
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Uncle Dan said...

She had a great imagination. I wonder how she will use it later in life.

rose_michelle said...

It's the laces ... they make them in an odd shape now. You just inest in the flat cloth ones and then she'll have better luck! But then, those knots look like a fun challenge too!