Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Learning a lesson

Em was excited about a field trip to the Bob Bullock museum that her grade was taking. Unfortunately she won't be able to attend. Permission slips were sent home and Em didn't get hers signed. They weren't even due yet, but in a panic she thought it was better to sign the permission slip herself and try to pass it off. It didn't work. Her teacher was nice enough to not write her up, but now Em is not allowed to go on the field trip and will spend the day doing extra work while sitting in another classroom. I can tell she is bothered by it, which she should be. Oh the joys of living with a pre-teen hormonal girl. Did Gunner plan this deployment any better?

I was talking to Ab's teacher about getting some OT help from the school district. She had communicated with the assistant principal about it, and was relaying the information back to me. Her teacher mentioned the PT because of the arm Abs broke in Kindergarten. Ummm....what broken arm??? I looked at Abs and she said "Well my sister almost broke her arm when I was in Kindergarten."

Junior seems to be doing better and the endless stream of snot has tapered off ever-so-slightly.

And just for the record....some people make me want to scream! Ugh. More on that later.

On a side note, they are having a blood drive at the girls' school. I would donate if I could, but since we were in Germany before 1996, it's a no go. Does that apply for the rest of our lives? Seems like that would limit a lot of people in this area from donating. Well that and I think the flyer stated if you had been to Iraq or Afghanistan in the last 12 months. There's the other half of our population....


Gypsy at heart said...

Em forging your signature? Well, someone I know was a little older when she did it....and got by with it. I wonder how common a practice that is.

Uncle Dan said...

We discovered a copy of ME's signature in Ke's stuff one day and found out that she had used it for a wile in High School. I disposed of it immediately

Jessica said...

Om goodness. KIDS!! AHHH! Sometimes they can just drive us nuts but we love them so much! Hope things will get better for you and a little less stressful SOON! BIG HUGS and prayers going your way! Jess

Marilyn Sue said...

Here are the Red Cross rules, which would not restrict you from giving because of your stay in Germany unless it was before 1991, but it says they are guidelines and the rules vary from clinic to clinic.


They are worried about Mad Cow Disease and as only the UK has admitted to it (I have always thought that other European countries just kept quiet), I wonder about these rules (found under Learn more about vCJD):

You were a member of the of the U.S. military, a civilian military employee, or a dependent of a member of the U.S. military who spent a total time of 6 months on or associated with a military base in any of the following areas during the specified time frames

From 1980 through 1990 - Belgium, the Netherlands (Holland), or Germany
From 1980 through 1996 - Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy or Greece.

(There is a longer list of places if you spent 5 years cumulative overseas with the military.)

Is this because they used beef from the UK on military bases? I assume so. Otherwise the rules hint at an incidence of vCJD in other countries that has not been made public.

At this point, people are banned from donating who meet the criteria above. That could change in the future.

Michelle said...

Definitely sounds like you have your hands full right now. Good luck with everything!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Daniel has tried to donate blood but the Red Cross won't let him either. He spent a bunch of years in Germany over the course of his father's AF career. Because of this they tell him no he can't donate. It bothers him a lot!

Man! Stinks about Abs! I just have to say - you sound like an amazing mom. Your kids will appreciate all you did for them someday. I hope things even out - deployments can be really rough on children ( and moms too!!)


Catherine said...

laughing so hard I can hardly type...love the "broken" arm

Anonymous said...

I never forged a signature. Honest.