Monday, July 14, 2008

Adventures of Sick Boy and Mud Girl

This morning Junior woke up with no fever. Strange. I gave him his medicine, motrin as a precaution, and took him into daycare. He seemed okay. During my break, I called and FINALLY scheduled his surgery for the 5th of August. I then asked if the doctor could call me back and put Junior on a low dose of antibiotics till his surgery. The doctor called right back and did what I asked. All was good. I am back in class and my phone rings. It's Gunner's Dad, Opa. Opa tells me that Junior is running a fever and that Oma is going to go get him but she needs a carseat.

So I give directions to where I am, and assume that she will be by shortly. I wait, and nothing. I get a call from daycare. They are in a panic and tell me that Junior's fever is over 102.5, rising and his fingertips are turning blue. He's also having problems breathing and his heart is racing. They say he needs to go to the er immediately by ambulance.

So I run into class....of course I am crying by this point....and grab my stuff and run. We are at the er and Junior now has a fever of 104.7 and his pulse is over 200. They give him tylenol and motrin. So what do they do with us????? They send us back out into the waiting room and tell me that if he starts to have a seizure to get them. I was floored.

So we are in the waiting room (praying that my son doesn't have a seizure), and Junior is sitting there quietly in the stroller. I'm busy watching all the people and holding his hand. There was a guy (I think retired) and his three or four kids that he wasn't watching, being loud and obnoxious. This comes into play later.

They buzz me up to the counter and tell me that I need to take Junior to get a chest xray. By this time my MIL and FIL show up. My MIL took so long to get to Junior because.........she had to wash her hair first. Give me a break. Anyway, we get an xray done and go back to waiting. While waiting, my MIL realizes that she lost Junior's hospital bracelet. So she told me to go retrace her steps and find it because Junior is Oma's boy and she needs to be with him. I do not carry a concealed weapon for a reason.

I send Opa to get Abs from daycare and Oma heads off to work. I sit there waiting, watching obnoxious guy and his obnoxious kids. I finally get called back and get the room right next to obnoxious guy. We wait forever. They finally come and tell me that Junior has pneumonia and a double ear infection. The PA was great, but had to be followed up by the doctor--yeah, he just happened to be the same one that sent us home the previous night. He looked embarrassed, but he didn't apologize at all. Jerk.

Then there is tons of noise from next door, our door is slammed shut, and Junior and I are lying on the exam table singing barney songs over and over and over again. I scrounged up a roll of crushed stale ritz crackers and a warm bottle of water and we had a feast. So then we spend another hour waiting and the nurse finally comes in to take Junior's temp again, which is down to 100.5 on motrin and tylenol. She gives him a Popsicle and we wait some more. Finally the PA comes back with the discharge stuff, and tells us that there was a huge problem and she apologizes for it taking so long. We go to leave and the obnoxious guy is surrounded by MP's. We get down to the pharmacy where obnoxious guy is escorted to pickup some prescriptions. I asked the guy next to me what happened, and apparently we were locked in the er because the guy went crazy and started screaming and yelling and punching things, apparently making threats towards the PA, etc. MP's got called, and they got him under control. Can't I have a boring hospital visit???

Our number finally got called for the pharmacy and they gave me the prescription that the ENT wrote for his ear infection. I asked him if it should say pneumonia on it, and if that would cause problems later, etc. He got really defensive and said some not so nice things to me. Of course I had to respond.

So we finally get out of there, and I call Opa to have him meet us at the house. He had fed Abs and so I was hoping to put her straight to bed and then feed Junior, myself, do hours of studying and get to bed before midnight. I pull up to the house to find Abs caked in mud from head to toe. I thought I was going to lose it! Any other time I wouldn't have cared, but I had been so stressed and was hungry, tired, and everything else. I wanted to get them into bed so I could do what I needed to do. Instead Opa had let Abs play in the mud. I didn't have a problem with her playing in the mud, but did she need to rub it all over her body? Did she need to get it all in her shoes? Hair? This is Abs, every single pore was covered and then some. If only I had had my camera charged. She could have been my WW this week.

So now mud girl and sick boy are tucked into bed. I scrounged up a sandwich. My homework is calling my name......

P.S. I a very grateful that my inlaws were there to help me up, even if it didn't sound like it. They bought a carseat tonight to put in their car so that they can pick him up without having to bother me. (I envision them forgetting to tell me that they have picked him up because he was sick and I can't find him) Oma is keeping Junior tomorrow, and I know he will be well loved and well taken care of. They did drop everything to help me (after her hair was washed) and I do appreciate that!! I have to keep reminding myself that they grew up totally different than I did or my parents and that makes a difference....and it keeps things interesting.

P.P.S. Gunner, I think when you come home for good I am going to deploy to a hotel for a few days, and you can't call your mom to come help you! Sad thing is, I know I would miss them terribly (& you) and I would worry the whole time, so I wouldn't enjoy it. Now Vegas on the other


Abbey said...

Vegas should be a requirment for the Army to give to the spouses of returning soldiers. You have had it so rough lately! I'm sorry!! If/when you need my help, I'm here for ya!

Reasa said...

I was hoping you would have an uneventful day. Maybe tomorrow. Give me a hollar if you need extra hands. Big hugs to you.

Gypsy at heart said...

Sorry I am away when you need help. I told Em that Jr. was ill and she was very worried. I won't give her any more details unless she asks.

Anonymous said...

Hospitals are never's hoping he gets better fast!

Tiff said...

AWWW poor little man! I hope he feels better fast. Talk about stress on you! You deserve Vegas!

trying said...

Oh my goodness! I hope junior is feeling better soon and hopefully the surgery will be a cure all.

hang in there : )

Gunner said...

Why does your life fall apart when I to far away to be of any help? I'm wishing I was there . . . I love you.