Saturday, July 19, 2008

More lessons learned

Last night I was still sick--I really think it is something that I am eating--and I left the vaseline out and open after getting Junior ready for bed. He apparently found the vaseline and wiped it all over himself just like I do. He still had his pajamas on which made for a greasy mess. He kept saying "I lubed up".

When I went to pick up Abs yesterday from daycare, one of the kids told me as I was walking in that Abs got in trouble for giving mouth-to-mouth. Are you kidding me? So I sign her out and there is a note that I need to see the staff. I go to one of the staff and ask what it is about and she tells me that she has no idea and that I should see the staff at the front desk. So I go to the front desk and she has no idea, so she asks the ladies behind the counter. They continue their discussion on what so and so wore to church last week and I waited and I waited and I waited. Finally I gave up, let the lady know that they could call me if it was that important, and left. I think I am afraid to know!

We went to the mall this morning so I could get a few things. Abs was not on her medication and was ALL OVER the place. The employees at Dillards fell in love with her and next thing I know Abs has them convinced to put on a puppet show by moving the mannequins. The mannequins started moving and talking to her and she was delighted and the employees were having a great time. Then she had to act like a mannequin, it was the stillest she was the entire visit.

Junior is down for a nap and Abs is in her room for a bit. Total silence, so time to crank out some homework. I bought a science experiment book and Abs is fascinated with the thing. I found her last night with a flashlight reading it. She has almost read it cover to cover (it's pretty thick) and I think once she is done we will do a couple of experiments out of there for kicks.

I got a bath last night (thanks Marilyn!) and Abs and I are about to start on a Mother Daughter book club that Marilyn sent us too! There are several different books in there, but I think we will start out with Anne Frank since Abs is fascinated by the "hellacaust" as she calls it. My mom took Em to the Holocaust museum in Houston and she still talks about it. Abs wants to go as well, and we took them into "Daniel's Story" in DC, but we didn't think that they were ready for the whole museum. I still remember visiting Dachau when we were stationed in Germany. No words.

I have a day of R&R scheduled for next Saturday, and they are taking the kids for me and serving lunch and snacks. Not sure what else will be going on, but I'm willing to check it out!

Off to write lesson plans about maps, treasure hunts, rats, nonstandard measurement, rodents of the world, France and more!


Christan Trotter said...

I too have had an interest in the Holocaust since a young age. I went to Dachau too and have a whole pic book to remember it by - not that I need it (the things I saw are forever burned in my memory). I'm glad to hear Junior is doing better and you are staying busy!

trying said...

My God your a busy woman. I really am in awe of how you get it all done and you seem to have more sanity then I. And you have more kids!