Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still alive & random thoughts

After me being sick for the last few days, I thought the weekend would never come. I'm sure mine is stress related, but I am feeling much better. Maybe because I just have to do homework all weekend and work tomorrow?

When I had Junior in the er on Sunday and Monday, I told them that amoxicillian would not work, but they of course didn't listen. I took Junior to the doctor today, and his left ear is worse and his pneumonia is too. They don't think he needs to be hospitalized yet since I am pretty vigilant, which is reassuring. I explained to the doctor why I did not think that the amoxicillian would work, and since he had been on it for 6 doses, he agreed. He gave me another medication to try, so I am hoping that my baby boy will be back in fighting form soon. Poor baby...

Abs is missing her sister. I am also missing my alarm--"Mommy, Abs is out of her room!". So far Abs has found rubber cement which she used to paint with--I didn't even know we had any. She rifled through the drawers in my bathroom, but I don't think she found anything interesting to play with/destroy. Abs is great with her brother and adores him, which is nice. When we go drop Junior off in the morning at daycare, I have to pry her out of his room since she loves it in there.

I had a 45 minutes presentation the other day in my educational psychology class. I HATE public speaking. I was so worked up about it, but luckily it was on Montessori and since Abs went there for a year and we loved it, I talked for over half an hour on it and my friend was able to do the beginning of the presentation. Our professor doesn't hand out super high grades, so we were shocked and excited to get a 100! My classmates told me that they won't listen to me complain about not being good at public speaking anymore since they know differently.

Junior thinks his blue "fuffy" is a yellow blankey like Baby Bop's.

We were at the pharmacy on Monday night and Junior was convinced that the picture of the black guy on the wall was his daddy. Today, every time we saw a Soldier, he called them "daddy". One Soldier came up to him at the pharmacy and spent a few minutes playing with him and talking to him. It was so sweet and Junior loved the interaction with a male. He doesn't get much of that.

I talked to Gunner online today. All is well in his neck of the woods. He sent two pictures so we could see his smiling face.

He looks good and strong...Army Strong. When did they start putting the logo on their gear?

We should own stock in pedialyte. My FIL traveled around to all the stores till he found the flavors that Junior liked and he bought them all and dropped them off for me. Huge help!

Tons of schoolwork to do this weekend, but we are on the home stretch!


Uncle Dan said...

We're proud of you young lady, keep up the good work and let us know if we can be of any more help.

kbug said...

It's always so nice to see their smiling faces from so far away. Hope the boy gets well quickly, and take care of yourself, too.

Breanne Vasquez said...

I hope the new medicine works!! Poor guy that must be rough.

cj said...

I hope the medicine kicks in fast and I'll be throwing some prayers in to help out, too.


Sandy's Notes said...

You are so busy! This could be a good thing though, with Gunner away.

"every time we saw a Soldier, he called them "daddy". This makes me cry and laugh at the same time!

Hugs to you for being so brave!