Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in the Hood

I went in to work today, worked for 4 hours and still didn't get half the stuff done that I needed to, so I am going back tomorrow. I could spend all day, every day there, and still think of more things to do. Em was a big help, although she was redoing my library and read every single book there.

I did squeeze in a nap today though, which was very much needed. We met my friend Melinda for dinner at a local taqueria. A real hole in the wall, but the food is good.

On Gunner's ASK (Assignment Satisfaction key) we signed up as a volunteer for a 2 year accompanied tour in Korea. Did I mention we are looking for any change? Did I mention that I will get an email from Gunner asking me what I volunteered him for? Doubt we will get it, but we are trying.

I had a great time at my mom's last night for our other Christmas. My siblings went above and beyond for the kiddos, and they are still enjoying their presents. My mom got Abs a bisque porcelain doll, and Abs ripped open the doll and said "Look a Bisquick doll!". She's still calling it her "bisquick doll". On the way home we were talking about how Grandma and Grandpa picked it out, and she got all excited thinking that Grandpa helped pick out a special bisquick doll for her.

My sister made me some beautiful earrings. She also beaded my mom a necklace that I've got my eye on. More pictures to come of those. I wonder if she would make me some cool earrings to wear for Chris' homecoming. Hey, we are down to weeks, we have to start planning in order to make it through. Well plan for the homecoming, clean the house, finish my to-do list, and lose weight!

An open letter to my brother and Tia:

Dear Dave & Tia,

Abs face lit up when she saw that you got her a deluxe pottery wheel, with batteries. This beautiful pottery wheel comes with a wheel (of course), 3 modeling tools, sponge, EIGHT PAINTS, a 2lb bag of CLAY, and a paint brush. How thoughtful! Abs is very eager to get started. She originally wanted to get started in the living room or her room, but I have convinced her that the kitchen table or outside is a better area, so we will be doing that in the next day or so. She also mentioned that maybe you would like to make pottery with her and she should take it to your house! What a great idea! Think of the things you could create with her! While I envision Abs covered in clay from head to toe, and her putting her baby brother on the wheel to spin around while she paints him, it is a great gift, and I know we will have fun using it together.

Does this also mean that you would like to receive a pot to display? Maybe we could send it along with Egg-bert?

We love you!

Love ABW, et al.

P.S. Seriously, it was a great gift, and she is super excited about using it!


lala said...

wow, korea??? what would you do if you actually got sent there? :) :)

the best part about christmas is family! that's awesome that you were able to spend time with your fam.

Uncle Dan said...

Didn't you try for Korea before? You might talk to Li's Mom about being in Korea.

Jennifer Bowen said...

It seems you and your kids had a wonderful Christmas. It's good to be with family during this time of the year, especially when your spouse cannot be there.

I wish your hubby a safe trip home and a happy reunion to all of you!

Dave said...

When Lisa and I saw it -- we looked at each other and both said "Abbie!". It harnesses the creativity and the messiness side of that girl. I think making it an outdoor toy with a mandatory "hose-off period" is in order.

That said -- we have a hose at our house too!

dutchgirl said...

lol about Abs spinning Jr on the wheel!

I think Korea would be great, I've heard lots of good things about it. we were really looking forward to going before our orders got pulled so dh could go to this school instead. I am very sorry to hear that Carson didn't work out, though, that's on our short list of places we'd really like to get to!

SIL said...

Well, since you took ceramics in college suffice it to say that we'll leave the supervision to the expert...although David did take bowling so it's a close call.

The Mrs. said...

wow a pottery wheel. That just MIGHT top the giant talking moving dino the outlaws sent my kids. after all you get to pick clay out of her hair I just have to calm a terrified two year old.