Thursday, January 1, 2009

What does she look like?

We spent the evening with my friend Abbey and her three kiddos. Em came out of her shell and really hit it off with Abbey's oldest daughter. Abs and the middle one hit it off, and Junior chased her son around who was less than impressed with the little guy. Can't say that I blame him much since Junior was in all of his toys, etc. He was a trooper though. My kids are already bugging me on when they can spend the night over there. I hope that question didn't scare Abbey off! An overnight with Abs requires monitoring...constant.

One of Abbey's daughters got a makeup set and Abs asked if they could make her up. I agreed and Abs had a minimal amount of makeup on when they completed. Of course she couldn't leave it at that, and snuck back in there and came out looking like this:

She was one sparkly little girl. We tried out their Wii and fell in love with it. Here's a pic of Abs doing the hula hoop. Thank goodness she didn't get a shot of me on it, it was not pretty!

The kids are nestled in bed, except for Abs who is out for about her 20th drink of water. We were missing Gunner today, but knowing his homecoming is sooner rather than later is a little easier. I remember right before he left I was kind of depressed reading all these blogs with Soldiers and Marines that were getting ready to return--not that I wasn't happy for them. It just seemed so far away for us, almost untouchable. Now, while it is still a long ways away, we are fast approaching the 10 month mark. Yeah, NTC is "Just a walk in the park Kazansky. "


Teresa said...

Aww she is adorable :)

Uncle Dan said...

Abs. never does things partially die she?

Uncle Dan said...

Abs. never does things partially does she?