Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 1--Check

Hired personal trainer.

Ran 2 miles before I met with him.

Heard how much of my body was fat and got disgusted.

Eating more black eyed peas, rice, and having a beer. My last hurrah. I'm not much of a drinker. I am more surprised that I even had a beer here, but knowing I have to cut it out, makes me want one, kind of like when I was pregnant and couldn't have one.

Hopefully it will be money well spent. He rated me a 4 for cardiovascular if I could run 2 miles. I can run more, but running on a treadmill is easy....put me outside and I will die. I'll work on that though.

Last weekend before school starts. It was beautiful today and we should have gone to the zoo, but maybe sometime this weekend. I start my class up again next Saturday. Ugh! I look back at my blog and I see how stressed I was when I first began taking classes, and now I look at it as a ton easier than what I am doing in the classroom. Maybe I should be a college plan #47593? I think I need a few more master's degrees before then though.

Still missing this face:


jlc said...

Wow that is MOTIVATION right there.

Congrats on getting an excellent start to the new year!

Uncle Dan said...

Yes your confidence has risen greatly in 08, just continue with your work and all will be OK.

wifeunit said...

I would say that is a day well spent!