Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I did manage to stay up till 12:03 in order to finish the chapter I was reading. I caught up on tv shows and cleaned. Can't get much more exciting than that!

I hit the gym this morning and ran 2.3 miles. I got tired of the movie that was showing, so I had to move on. I really need to drag out my IPOD and get it charged.

I always heard that you should spend half of New Year's with your family and half working. I do need to type up my lesson plans. Of course I also heard that you shouldn't start the year with dirty laundry--impossible in this house. I ate 2 grapes at midnight. I'll hit the black eyed peas and collards hard today, with some ham slices to boot. Totally forgot about the cornbread. Here are all the other superstitions I could find. I'll stick with the black eyed peas and call it good.

A lot of people don't like to make resolutions because they aren't likely to keep them. I figure it doesn't hurt to set some goals for yourself, and I do that at the beginning of each deployment, so why not now?

1. Of course the obvious is to lose weight. With Gunner's arrival this year (boy it feels good to say that), I need to speed up the process. Hitting the gym and looking into a personal timer is where I am at with that one.
2. Run an adventure race and a triathlon. (The adventure race is in the works, and the triathlon, well, I probably have a long ways to go, but I am determined. I also want to do one bike ride of at least 4o miles. Gunner's going to join me on these.)
3. Clean out the garage. This is definitely a year long process, but all that crap that I am hanging on to is going, going, gone.
4. Continue making all A's in my graduate classes, and look into get some other certification too. Maybe a reading certification or a math. I also want to get certified to teach other grades so that I can be more marketable or use it in any future careers.
5. Take a trip outside the US with Gunner.
6. Take the kids to Disneyworld.
7. I'd love to join the Army reserves, but I guess that's not going to happen with the probability of deployment. Would love the challenge though. I think I just want to go to boot camp. My husband says I would have a hard time taking orders. Who me?

That's all I can think of quickly, but I am sure I will add to that. I need to do something a lot more fun, like take pictures, or learn to speak spanish (since I will obviously never leave Texas) or climb a mountain--other than the mountain of laundry that I have to do or the mountain of socks that I need to match.

...Abs is currently lecturing me on how they need to raise the Titanic, how many crates she thinks it would take, how it should be done, and that women should have been in charge of the evacuation because they could have fit more than 64 people on each lifeboat.


lala said...

i definitely was asleep before midnight... luckily, my hubs woke me up for a kiss :) :)

and a FORTY MILE bike ride? that is incredible. is that all in one day???

Anonymous said...

I love you Abs! You are so right!:)