Sunday, February 1, 2009

More ramblings...

I DVRed "A Very Duggar Wedding" and it shows it's there, but it clicks off. Maybe someone knows I don't really have time to watch mindless tv! I still want to see it though.

I was watching when Jon & Kate plus 8 visited their new home. Oh to be so anal and clean to spend 4 hours cleaning a fridge! I wonder how long she will spend cleaning that house each week after they move in. I was lucky to do two loads of laundry, wash the dishes, and sort through two cabinets. No telling what is in our fridge, but I better attack it before we go to Walmart to stock up on my healthy food and Em is in charge of snack at Girl Scouts today.

Still no call from Gunner, but he did comment on the last post and said "BTW, the locals had another election and things went smooth in our AO." Things have come a long way. He has been bounced around from place to place as things have been turned over to the Iraqi people to run.

I realized last night that out of 14 years of marriage that Gunner has been deployed for 47 months. That doesn't even include TDY's and field time. That's a lot of time apart.....a lot of time.


Allison said...

That is a very long time to be apart.

Uncle Dan said...

The impact must be greater on the kids though.

How's the microwave cooking coming along, the kids aren't starving are they?

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have been married for 5 years and have only physically been together for 2 years 1 month thanks to the Army. :) Such is a life like ours. :)

I like to visit your page because you write about real it sucks when your kids are writing on the wall and you have been sick for days on end and your hubby is gone and then he calls and says something encouraging and you just want to say F U buddy. LOL. That is real life...not all those postings I read about super moms who are probably really lonely but want the world to see them perfectly.

Thank you for keeping it real.

Teresa said...

I have been keeping my fingers crossed the Duggar Wedding is on OnDemand soon lol. I want to see the new house on the other show too BUT goodness I keep missing everything haha.

I hope you hear from Gunner soon!