Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fortune Cookies

Today at school we did a team building exercise where we had fortune cookies that asked us questions we had to answer. The responses were interesting enough. At the end they gave us a real fortune cookie. I of course didn't eat the cookie, but my fortune read "You will have a romantic encounter soon." Hmmmmm....wonder what that means?

Of course soon is all relative when you are a military spouse.

5-6 weeks at NTC is nothing. Two NTC's ago, he called to tell me he was coming home, and I asked him to call back because I was at a really good sale at Dillard's and found a pair of $400 sandals for $19.99! He just laughed and called back later.

Field time is a nice vacation.

Staff duty is an inconvenience because it screws up their sleep schedule for the rest of the week--we aren't spring chickens anymore!

65 trash days was what we had when we started. I think we are down to 5 (?) maybe. Told you we are stuck on 5! Of course we were also fortunate enough to get his 15 month deployment cut down to 12 months.

To me, 12 months was do-able. Not easy. But there was something in my mind that just said 15 months is too much. Kind of like anything over 1 year and 1 day is too long. He will be gone over a year, but at least it won't be by much.

But 30 days or so.....that I consider soon (regardless of the whining I will do about it dragging on!).

On the way home from school I mentioned to Em that it was just about a month away. She smiled, and said "that's soon!". A month to me when I was 11 would have lasted a lifetime. I guess the kid has learned to take it all in stride too.

And soon means.....I'll be checking expiration dates to find the longest lasting milk/cheese/yogurt possible so I know it will be there when he comes home....


Uncle Dan said...

We are waiting with you.

Teresa said...

The day after staff duty gives my hsband an attitude to stay away from lol that is of course after 5pm when he wakes back up. It totally throws a curveball.

On the last NTC I felt like it was a lifetime and now Im wondering why it seemed so bad?

lol :)