Sunday, February 8, 2009


Em needs a class in it, since I just read her paper on Alexader Graham Bell and it sounded surprisingly like the information we printed out yesterday. I can't remember when we started getting in trouble for that, but I'm making her rewrite the paper much to her dismay. If only she would realize that in the long run it will be beneficial.

We went to Sam's, and as always had quite the adventure. Abs decided she wanted to ride in the cart, and I didn't argue since it was a way to get Junior into the seatbelt portion of the cart without a battle. Abs is small, but still at almost 8 years old, she got stuck in the cart. Some careful manuvering and taking off her shoes allowed us to pull her little body out of there with no screaming. Thank goodness for small miracles!

This was my last trip to Sam's without Gunner's help--I hope...maybe I should have bought two cases of toilet paper?

After Girl Scouts (no phone call thank goodness) we went to HEB with 5 million other people to get a few things. It was crazy. Not as crazy as my street looks like right now with the MP's all over the place....looks like another case of domestic dispute/domestic violence.

....MP's knocked on the door. They wanted to know what I had seen. Looks like they are going door to door to ask questions from the neighbors. I don't even know my neighbors names. I sure wish my friend Abbey would come be my one normal neighbor out here!


Armywifeandmom said...

Your post makes me glad about 2 things, that my kids are grown and that I don't live on a base. lol

Allison said...

Squish the tp rolls so they're harder to spin and it will take longer to go through it so it CAN be your last trip without the hubby.

Isn't it a rule all neighbors are crazy?

Teresa said...

I love Sam's but not by myself!

Girl Scouts just flashed cookies in me head haha. :)

Uncle Dan said...

We had our first GS cookie show up today. I can remember when we bought cookies by the case when our girls were active. Usually we have lots of cookies frozen in the refrigerator and send them off to Gunner, this year it'll be different.

Abbey said...

Telling me stories like that makes me not want to come live there at all!!! although it would be fun to have Survivor and Amazing Race watching parties each week wouldn't it?!

Melissa said...

Your days are certainly exciting!

You could always ration the TP...