Friday, February 27, 2009

Catching Up

I had my second to last training session tonight. I won't miss being tied to the gym during peak hours, but I will miss having someone telling me not to quit or give up. The extra push is always nice. The 21 pounds I lost was nice too. I still think I can drop a few more before Gunner gets home. Once this crud is gone I can get back to running. I was way more up on current events when I was running, since I park myself on the treadmill in front of the only tv that shows Foxnews.

I DVRed the moving Taking Chance and I haven't been able to make it all the way through. I want to finish it this weekend.

Also Oprah did a show on Walter Reed that I DVRed to watch too.

Still no word from Gunner. The website was listing units coming home on each day, but this evening it is back to being very generic. Hoping that he has a chance to call soon and shed some light on his arrival time. My friend Mel's husband is due next week for his R&R, and my friend Abbey's husband is headed home too. Then it is time for PCS season to start.

We got an email that said if we were going to Carson that we could add our name to the housing list now. I called, and they let me add it, and pulled up all his information, and said we qualify for a 4 bedroom. Maybe this means we are going? We have no orders though, so like a good army family we will sit back and wait.


Uncle Dan said...

Just "hurry up and wait," the Army's Motto.

Keep us aprised.

Casey said...

Waiting for orders is the worst. Especially for people like me with a need for control.

Hopefully the wait for his return will be less painful!

The Mrs. said...

good luck waiting. And good luck with your housing list! I hear Carson is a nice place to go. I wouldnt know we are stuck here. ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!

jlc said...

I think I said this before to you but I soooo wish we had Carson.

I have to sit back and wait another year before we know anything. :( Ugh.

Uncle Dan said...

I went through Basic at Ft. Carson in the summer of 1955, it was hot during the days and cold at night. Smog is common along the Front Range to the West of Carson.

dutchgirl said...

I say that definitely means you'll be going to Carson ;) I hope it's not a long wait for housing. My dh won't even hear about living on post again. I think he's burned out. We're taking a househunting trip in the next few months, just lmk if you'd like me to drive around and take some photos.