Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Halfway through...

I can't believe that Spring Break is already half over! There's still so much to do.

Gunner's parents have a small RV or as the girls call it, a housecar. They told us that they can't use it anymore with 5 dogs, so we should use it whenever we can. I've been investigating where we can take off to. It has a stove, shower, bathroom, fridge, ac, etc. That's my kind of camping! It won't sleep everyone, but we have a small dome tent too. I also prefer to have my food cooked over an open campfire, but a stove is a nice backup, and my germaphobic self would love the sink!

We found a few places to visit, but now we just need to find the time to take off. Gunner wants to take the girls fishing, and Glen Rose has the dinosaur tracks that we could take Abs to see. Em actually likes camping--especially if she has access to her iPOD. Junior would just want to climb and play in the dirt.

We bought Junior a tricycle the other day. He saw it in the store and hopped on and was pedaling all over the place. He's like a mad man on it, zipping around, I do not see a driver's license in his future. We were trying to locate a bike helmet for him at the store, and none of the toddler ones fit. Gunner finally found a non-girly 5+ helmet, and it fit perfectly. He rubbed Junior's head and told me he had a big head. Ummm....yeah......I found that out almost three years ago when I had the boy, hence one of the many reasons we are done.

Last night I asked Gunner what his schedule was like today. I think he was afraid to tell me because I might come up with some crazy idea like going for a 21 mile run or something. I'm not that insane, especially since I am sore, but I would like to go for a run outside since it is so beautiful. We have 5 races coming up in the next few days, weeks, and months. I think Gunner is afraid I might find more. Em & Abs expressed an interest in going to one with us, so we might get that figured out. I bet Abs could run a 5K with her energy level. Some days it could probably be a marathon. I better go marathon clean her room....I noticed a couple of piles of rocks in there, she's sneaky since I created the "No more rocks are coming into this house because I am tired of washing them!" rule.

On the reintegration front, Gunner is done with his reverse SRP and I believe the classes start up next week. Block leave is just 16 days away for him, not that he is counting. What I wouldn't do to have 30 days off with him....


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

We have a rock issue here at my house. My poor washing machine...

Have fun with whatever you decide to do - camping-wise.

And hey, with that marathon idea for Abs... you never know, it could be the start of a life-long love of running!


Marilyn Sue said...

The dinosaur tracks are amazing, esp. when the water level is down like it is right now.

There is a safari park nearby called Fossil Rim that is wonderful. You stay in your car but can feed zebras, giraffess, etc. It takes about 4 hours to go through with a stop in the middle where you can get out and eat.

Catherine said...

Hey, you should definitely consider doing races with the kids. Andrew has been running 5ks for fun for 2 years now and Sarah ran her first last year. They love doing it and Andrew even enjoys "training" runs at the local HS track during the summer. There has been a trend here in the 'Lou to provide more short distances aimed at younger children ranging from 1/2 miles to diaper dashes of about 50 ft. I always ran races with my parents as a young kid and I have to admit they are some of my favorite memories!

BTW I have a rock issue too! Sarah likes to fill the door track on the minivan with pebbles b/c it makes a funny (destructive??) sound when you shut the door- arghhhh! I actually solved them coming in the house by creating a "rock" garden just outside our front door to display the cool things we find on our travels. Occasionally we paint some of them as well.