Thursday, March 19, 2009

What next?

There are so many reasons why I am ready to move. Bazillions of them!!! Still no official orders, but I am moving ahead with the plan that we are out of here in July.

I purged Ab's room yesterday and have piles of clothes that she has outgrown or worn out to give away. I need to do the same with my clothes and Gunner's. I am sure there has to be one of those places that loans out job interview clothes for the people trying to get back on their feet. I don't itemize, so there's no tax benefit to donations anywhere specific.

Ab's birthday is next week and I am at a total loss as to what to get her. Gunner and I talked about it last night and there is nothing that she needs. I kept saying I was going to make a knitted dinosaur for her, but that will never get done since I never started it.

I've searched the internet to no avail, and now it is almost too late to order anything.

She wears a uniform to school so buying clothes really isn't an option. She loves legos and I thought about something along those lines, but after cleaning her room, she doesn't need anymore. She wants a Nintendo DS, but that's not happening. She also asked for a Wii and that's not on the horizon either. Back to the drawing board....

Junior escaped from his crib in the middle of the night and went looking for his dad. We close the gates at night because the noise will wake me up if Abs is trying to get up for her late night tv watching. Instead I heard Junior running around. He climbed into bed with us, snuggled up to Gunner and was fast asleep. He spent the first five months asleep in my arms while Gunner was deployed, so I guess it is Gunner's turn now. We need to get the crib taken down as well, but need to find a place to get rid of that too.

Slowly but surely we will get rid of about 5K pounds....And here's a story about my kids.


dutchgirl said...

Ugh. I still have so much crap to go through before we move. I have unpacked boxes yet from when we got here, for heaven's sake. Hope you get your orders soon!

Allison said...

Killeen Freecycle would be a good way for you to give away stuff you no longer want. I gave away some maternity clothes that didn't fit to a person collecting for Hope Foundation (I think).

Here's the address:

Teresa said...

Is there anywhere you are hoping to go next?! We should hopefully find out by the summer where we will be going to next. However it is the Army lol it could be the winter.

jlc said...

Oh no! Gone in July??? But I'm coming to Hood then!!

Nikki said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I came to yours and went back and read some of your posts from around Christmas time until now. Not only did I laugh my booty off, but you just amaze me and I am glad I found you on here. I am going to add you to my reading list and I look forward to more of your adventures!

Oh and BTW I could kick myself, I just sold my pink DS to a friend. I used the thing like 3 times and had the box and all. I wish I would have known!

Full of Heart said...

Did you look on Etsy for a knitted dinosaur? I just did a quick search on there ( and there quite a few, VERY cute knit dinosaurs!