Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today Gunner got off early once again and so we headed out on a bike ride. After we tuned up the bikes, loaded them, and drove to his parents house, we were ready to go. We donned our helmets and bike gloves as well as our padded bike shorts. Our water bottles were filled and the wind was blowing. It was beautiful!!!

These bikes have the SKINNIEST tires, and I am always afraid when I haven't ridden them in a while. I got over my initial fears and we took a spin around the circle. Gunner's parents live kind of out in the country, so we took off to see if the bridge was still washed out. Around 8.5 miles Gunner wanted to stop. I kept riding. At around 14.5 miles I thought he would turn off at his parents house, but he kept on following. Finally at 21 miles I figured he had enough so we stopped and enjoyed a nice cold drink on the back porch with his mom. She was in a good mood, and even though after 15 years she can't say my name correctly and that drives me nuts, I actually enjoyed myself.

When we went to get up, I finally felt those 21 miles and my workout the previous day. Ouch! And it was such a beautiful day, it never even crossed our mind to get out the sunscreen, so we are sooo burned. Poor Gunner has red designs all over his head because of the holes in his helmet.

We are BBQing fajitas tonight using the recipe that my dad always used, and Abs and I whipped up a no-egg, no-milk, no-oil, splenda, banana cake for dessert. Initial taste tests passed with Abs, so the results should be interesting. Abs was disappointed that I would not whip up some icing to put on top, but I told her that would defeat the purpose of our healthy (but oh so tasty?) cake!

Today at Spring Break camp Em's group visited the animal ranch. When Gunner picked her up and when she arrived home, she made sure to let us both know that out of all the kids that were there, only 3 did not have cell phones. Apparently when they drove in, all the kids pulled out their cell phones to take pictures. I let her know that I was so glad that she was able to be independent and not be like the rest of the group, as well as the other two kids. She was not amused.

Oh well, at least it only took me three days to get her to the hospital this time for her foot, so that has to make up for the fact that she has no cell phone?

Update: The cake was good, if you aren't used to eating sweet things anymore!


The Mrs. said...

I picture you all red walking a little funny from the long ride! Sounds like a fabulous time with your love though.

MissJody said...

ahhh..i love bike rides..sounds like fun!