Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another race...

Just registered Gunner & I for the Jackrabbit Run 4 Hope 10K tonight. I wonder how Junior will do in the stroller for that long, but he should be okay. It's in just over a week, so I better start hitting the gym since I took a hiatus while everyone was sick so I didn't infect the world.

The run benefits the Hope Pregnancy Crisis Center to help those that need help because they find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy. I know the director and when they first acquired the ultrasound machine there, they needed to practice. I was pregnant with Junior and they invited me to come get a free ultrasound and they would print out a picture for Gunner who was deployed. We didn't find out the sex, by choice, but it was fun seeing the little one kick around on the screen. After Junior was born I donated piles of maternity clothes to their loan closet as a way to pass it on and thank them for the pictures and the ultrasound.

Hmmmmm....I just noticed that they pass out layette items too, I am sure I still have some of that stuff to pass on as well. Time to do the PCS purge!

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Spanish Princess said...

Ahh .... the PCS purge! It's amazing how much stuff you collect! I'm doing the unpacking purge. We found the post Thrift store as soon as we got the house!