Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cleaning House

I have piles of clothes to get rid of. It's an obscene amount, and this was just the first purge. More to follow. I haven't even attacked Junior's closet which is full of my clothes.

I'm not ready for school tomorrow. I need another couple of days off.

I have class on the 2nd, so I need to crank out a paper, a project and and evaluation.

I went to my classroom today to search for a paper with a signature that I have managed to lose. I don't know where I put it. I'm sure somewhere safe, or it got mixed up with all the millions of papers that I have. All I know is that I HAVE to find it tomorrow or I am in trouble!!!! I'm sure I will have nightmares tonight about not finding it. I have got to learn to be more organized. It's driving me nuts and costing me too much time!

I wonder if I can go from the most unorganized person on the planet to OCD in just a few days? It needs to happen and fast.

I went back to the campsite this morning and Gunner cooked up bacon and pancakes for breakfast. I brought home two dirty little kids and got them cleaned up. Gunner took the kids skating this afternoon while I was working/searching and by 7 they were all exhausted.

I'm not far behind....

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