Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh no!

Em started throwing up last night. Then Gunner started having other issues. They both were home today and I banished them to Em's room for the rest of the night. I sprayed down everything they could have possibly touched, and now Abs and Junior and I are watching tv on the freshly lysoled couch.

Gunner said he was going to start a blog and blog about me and my obsession with lysol, sick diets, and quarantining people.

I have to be at school tomorrow! At least he can take care of anyone who doesn't go. I have my sheets being washed in hot water again. I finally found a shoppette with chicken noodle soup. I tracked down some crackers, and got some diet sprite. Sick diet, here we come!

I didn't sleep well at all last night, so I am tired and hoping everyone goes to bed early tonight.

I guess at least it isn't the swine flu!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh no! I hope they start feeling better and you caught it quick enough before everyone else gets sick!

jlc said...

Hope the get better soon!!

Omg my mom is panicking! Apparently swine flu started in Geneva out of the airport she was JUST in last week.

I'm still paranoid at work when kids are sneezing on me. Hang in there!

The Mrs. said...

i must say the dash-1 has been languishing for days now with his fever but at least (knock on wood) no vomit. its the little things in life.

good luck staying clean!