Thursday, February 11, 2010

"A Brand New Day"

That's the phrase Junior calls out every morning as he wants to get out of his room.  I'm trying to keep that battle cry in mind today.

Sammy the dog barfed up all the crap that he ate yesterday.  He did it in the middle of the night.  We discovered it because Abs stepped in the barf, while she was up, in the middle of the night.  She didn't make a lot of noise though, surprisingly, but we did see the light on, and heard Abs in the tub, in the middle of the night.

Apparently you have to wash your entire body if your foot gets dirty, but only if it is the middle of the night.

I got a copy of Ab's 504.  I guess it will work for now. 

I'm thinking I will pull Junior out of school by the end of the month.  I'm making Gunner go to the conference, I just can't deal with anymore stress about what one of my kids is doing wrong.  I'll have to quit my volunteer job, but seriously, I can only do what I can do.  I think that the environment might be a little too chaotic for him?  Maybe it is that they are forcing him to take a nap?  I told Gunner that we could send in a leapster for him to play while he takes nap, or something like that. 

I miss Texas. 

Abs has polished off 16 mini hamburgers since Sunday.  At least she is eating. 

I am volunteering today, but hopefully can figure out a way to fit the gym in sometime today.  I really need an extremely hard workout, where I can do nothing but focus on breathing and trying to finish.  Then when it's all over I need to be so tired and sore that I can't think about anything but putting one foot in front of the other.

Did I mention that I got a report home from Ab's school yesterday?  She got written up.  Apparently she wandered out of class and they didn't know where she was.  Imagine what could have happened.  We had a nice long talk about safety and responsibility, etc. I also threw in there that she shouldn't have any scissors at her disposal.

Abs has her 90 minute OT session tonight.  She is having a brain map done on Saturday.  Can't wait to see how her brain works, and I have tons of questions for the neurologist.  Maybe he can explain why she was rearranging her furniture in the dark last night. 

Has anyone seen the ads that talk about "showing your patriotism by shopping our President's Day sale"?  How is shopping on President's Day make me MORE patriotic? 

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Heidi said...

Hang in there! I had the same issues with Colin when he was that age . . . he NEVER took naps and I got SO tired of hearing them complain about him laying there and being bored for 2 hours at 'rest time' . . . go figure, bored at rest time when he doesn't sleep? I often reminded them they should find something for him to do or challenge him . . . they knew I was a teacher and I so wanted to be snotty but I stood my ground because in a way I thought they just wanted to make their day easier . . . it got better but still annoyed me every time they mentioned. I learned to smile and blow it off. I sent 'special' books for him to look at . . . it worked for a little while. Good Luck . . . remember most employees want to have a nice long break and if one kid doesn't sleep then it blows their time.

Keep us posted!