Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gunner's Kids Revisited

I forgot to mention that yesterday while we were at the Olympic Training Center, Abs was limping.  This is nothing too unusual, she's always getting hurt doing something.  We asked her about it, and she didn't say much other than her leg hurt.

After we left the Olympic Center, we ran by the Arc, and then hit Five Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch.  We were sitting there......

Abs:  My leg hurts.
Me:  That's what you said, what happened?
Abs:  I don't know.  (Rubbing her leg)
Me:  Let me take a look at it.
Abs:  It's probably the yarn.
Me:  The YARN?????
Abs:  Yeah, it's kind of tight.

I lift up her pants legs to see tons of yarn wrapped around her leg, and tightly.  I grab a plastic knife and start to panic as I am trying to cut through the yarn.

Me:  Why do you have yarn wrapped around your leg, and why didn't you tell me?
Abs:  You didn't ask.

I'm making a mental note of that.  It was not in the parenting manual that I should ask if you have yarn tied around your leg in case of leg pain.  Geez.  I didn't get before pictures, but here are two pictures of after.

I still don't know what possessed her to do this. 

Today was Disney Live and Abs tried to hide in her room.  I finally convinced her to go.  We got there and she really perked up.  We purchased some licorice and some cotton candy.

The show was great!  Junior about came unglued and had everyone around us laughing and smiling.  The boy has some moves, and can shake his booty faster than anyone I have seen.  He jumped up and down, sang along, and was mesmerized by everything.  Abs got into it as well, and was singing, jumping, and telling me how awesome everything was.

When we left, we had the following conversation.

Me:  Looks like you had a great time Abs!
Abs:  I'm pretty good at faking it, that's what you call artificial fun.

Regardless of what she said afterward, I know she had a good time while we were there.

I watched the last 5 minutes of the Super Bowl, purged Abbie's room, and went with a friend when she took her girls to the doctor.

Gunner gets to go in late due to the Super Bowl that he didn't watch and had no interest in.  Lucky him!

The dog has been washed, I am sore from training yesterday, and the week is loaded down with trips to the gym, and Abs appointments.  Thank goodness for Gunner's kids, they keep my life interesting!


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keep the abs stories coming!

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